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June 10 2017

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Obracanie Pałacu Lubomirskich. Warszawa 2.04.1970. Fot. Jarosław Tarań, zbiory Ośrodka KARTA
Można? Można.
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Buildings and Stars Cut into Blackout Curtains Turn Your Windows Into Nighttime Cityscapes

A Ukrainian blind company called HoleRoll shared this fun set of concept blinds that feature iconic cityscapes cut into blackout curtains. The silhouettes of famous skyscrapers become apparent as light streams in through the window. The images were posted back in 2014 and it looks like their website is currently down, so not sure if they’re available anywhere. Could make a fun DYI project? (via Laughing Squid, Reddit)

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July 10 2015


July 04 2015

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